Friday, January 13, 2012

A Personal Post

So some of you might know or think you know why I moved from Northeast Texas to Southern California and to be honest thats really not what this post is all about but mid 2008 I met this boy. We will call him Mr. Bigg. (Can you tell I am a Sex in the City fan?) Anyways, like many of my old friends from texas would like to think I moved out here for him but that was never the case. In actuality the first (out of the three) year of living here I think I saw him a whole three times. Since recently graduating and not having a job, I have had a lot of time to think about things like how I cant believe I am graduated a mear three years after moving, which then in turn makes me think "how did I even end up here?" Which leads me back to this Mr. Bigg character.
Let me break it down for you.

*If Andrea and I hadnt been working at a music venue where big music tours come through (taste of chaos to be exact) Andrea wouldnt have met Ben. (his cousin)

*Then Ben wouldnt have invited us to hang out at warp tour. To be honest, I didnt even want to go. I have been to warp tour and hated it. Its too stinking hot but she talked me into it. (like she always does.)

*If I hadnt of gone to warp tour I would of never met Mr. Bigg.

*If I hadnt of met Mr. Bigg, I wouldnt of flown out to LA for the first time and spent 4 days with a person (Mr. Bigg) I had only hung out with for maybe 5 hours pervious, I would of never been told about the school I ended up going to nor would I have fallen in love with CA like I did.

*This meaning I wouldnt have decided that in august of 2008 that I was going to pack my life up and move to CA january of 2009. Thus meaning I wouldnt be where I am today.

CRAZY RIIIGHT?! Now this Mr. Bigg became a huge part of my life early 2010 into 2011 but literally walked right out of my life in late april. I seriously dont even know if the dude is alive or not. I have been thinking a lot about him and where my life would be right now if it wasnt for him. I guess this is a Thank You to you Mr. Bigg. You helped change my life.

PS. "Mr. Bigg" hated that I loved Sex in the City so much.

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