Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My life as of lately: Finally I catch a break

So I wont sugar coat anything, since my last life update post things seemed to get worse. The new year has been consumed with wasting gas on failed job interviews, applying for countless jobs and hearing nothing in return and even a tiny fender bender. You know those fender benders where its almost more work to report it? Yea, it was like one little stupid thing after another. It felt as if I was being punished for something. Everything that could go wrong, seemed to be happening. BUUUT things change mid month and things are finally looking up.

- I got a great internship with the cutest vintage swim wear company named Seea, where I get to run all of their social media. I love my boss, she is the most adorable thing ever and I get to learn everything about surfing first hand from her. I cant wait to continue to work with her and her amazing brand.

- AAAND THEEEN, on top of that I GOT MY VERY FIRST REAL PERSON JOB! You know, one of those jobs with medical benefits and a 401k! My job tasks contain everything from designing, branding, marketing and even photography. BONUS!

Lastly, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my girl Lynnsee for giving me this amazing opportunity! I get to work with my adorable little friend, while doing what I love and on top of that, I get paid for it! I am on cloud 9 right now!

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