Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Surf Diary, Entry One

So the day has finally come! A long time dream of mine finally came true, I am learning to surf! Sunday morning was my first session. It started out with Brian teaching me some technical terms with the mexican blanket subbing as our ocean.

Then we did some practicing on my pop ups. Amanda was estatic when I popped up with my right foot yelling "YAY She is a goofy like me!"

We packed up the car and headed down to SanO's and found a spot where the surf looked like good conditions for a newbie like me. By the way, wet suits suck! I mean their purpose is something I am extremely grateful for but man are they a pain to put on and take off. Luckily I was wearing the Solmar Bikini top from Seea. Its a bikini made for surfing. You might find yourself asking, Siera, just how is it made for surfing? LET ME TELL YOU! the neck strap is never ending, which means no bunchy ties and no irritation while wearing your wetsuit! Because believe me, those things aren't something you love to wear.

Anyways, we finally got into the ice cold water and I started paddling and quickly figured out, I have NO upper body strength. I caught two waves but I felt like I had been out there for hours and hours. After getting out and taking in some much needed sun, all I could think about is next time. Thats right, I am addicted.

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