Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bringin' it back!


THAT'S RIGHT WORLD! Too Cute Tuesday is coming back. Now some of you might be asking, Too Cute Tuesday? What is that and where did it go? Well let me give you the history behind Too Cute Tuesday. It started quite simply on Facebook between some too cute friends and I.

There you have it, Too Cute Tuesday was born. We kept it going for about 3 months and then we started graduating, not having classes together, and one Too Cute Tuesday originator even moved across the country! Now a year later all of us, be scattered across the US, decided we miss Too Cute Tuesday and want to bring it back! Now, I know you are thinking to your cute little self:


And we would love for you to join! So here is how you do it. Simply take a picture of your self ON A TUESDAY and blog about it on a TUESDAY. Then leave me a comment on my Too Cute Tuesday post for the month (which, for me, will be the last tuesday of the month) or send me an email to labeled "Too Cute Tuesday" or "TCT" with a link to your blog and I will link you on my Too Cute Tuesday post (again, for me, will be the last tuesday of the month) Or if you dont have a blog send me the picture of your cuteness and I will feature you here on my blog!

And here we are! Me, Lauren J. and Lauren A. This is an old one from the old days but it has always been my favorite! I miss these girls so much! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here on this post or email me: LETS MAKE THE BORING DAY THAT IS TUESDAY SUPER CUTE!


  1. TUESDAY! the most neglected day of the week!

  2. EXACTLY! I cant wait! hopefully I can start doing it once a week rather than once a month, just like the old days.