Monday, February 20, 2012

My life as of lately: The shortest month of the year

February is the shortest month of the year but to me, I feel as if it has been the LONGEST! So much has happened and the month isnt even done yet! I have been trying to give a little update of my life once month but if I did that for this short little month, we would be here all day. So for your viewing pleasure I decided to break it up into three different posts. Lets start with all the visitors I have gotten so far this month.

Lets start with last weekend. My daddio came to town to attend the races that were going on in Pomona on Sunday buuut of course my life never goes according to plan. (I am giving you a little sneak peak of wednesdays post) I picked him up late Friday night and got right to sleep because we had plans for Saturday. Saturday was an adorably ideal day. It was a perfect father/daughter day. I took him to lunch and ate at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. He had never been and this was a pivotal lunch in our relationship. For the last 23 years (and especially the last 3 years) he has been paying the bill and finally after scoring my amazing job I got to treat. It was a great feeling. After that we headed on over to the Queen Mary, where SEEA had a booth at Inspiration LA. This event is like a massive garage sale filled with amazingly awesome vintage finds. I was blown away at everything I saw. Three stories of old treasures.

Seriously, how much cuter could they get?!

The next day was the day that went all wrong. Lets just say my daddio didnt make it to the race that he originally came out to see, which was such a bummer. I will go more into detail about this Wednesday. I said good bye to my dad Monday but wasnt sad for too long because I got to stay with my favorite co-worker in the whole wide world Lynnsee in Long Beach, where it just so happened that my Texas bestie Drey was staying with her boy just down the street. We spent time hanging out with them and another friend Nate, who was also visiting from Texas.

It was a hectic, yet an amazing little week. I will continue with more details both tomorrow and Wednesday, so stay tuned! 

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