Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treat Yo Self

Seen this? I hadnt until my good friend Lynnsee Boo Boo opened my eyes to Treat Yo Self. After watching this (multiple times) we got inspired to treat ourselves as well. We are the girls who buy out of desperation until a wise, fashionable, red head told us to shop with a theme in mind of who you want to be, have an outfit in mind instead of shopping aimlessly. By doing this, you wont look at your closet with the thought in mind "Im bored of my clothes." So here is what will go down once a month:
A. We find ourselves an inspiration photo of an outfit we adore, mine being this one:

B. We then take our inspiration photo and go on the hunt to try
and match our inspiration outfit to the best of our abilities.
C. Document it. 

HOW FUN!? I know I am pretty excited too. Now dont let my multi-photo inspiration picture fool you, Im not trying to buy a new wardrobe. That is not was Treat Yo Self is about, I just like to have options and be prepared. Stop back by to see if Treat Yo Self 2012 March Edition was a success or a bust.


  1. ......but first, you should try and make these outfits out of items that are already in your closet! Be inspired to wear things differently.